1966 born on November 1 in Oranienburg (former GDR).

1983 completion of school and learning of a trade.

1987 by arising conflicts with the system recognized studies remained refused.

1988 Conflicts with the System lead to his imprisonment for fleeing the Republic.

1989 Relocation to West Germany in the course of the fall of the Wall.

1990 Intensifies his self-study of painting. His first independant works of art are created

Since 1996 worked as a painter.

Since 2003 solo and group exhibitions.

2003 -2004 Member of the Artists Association Pomeranian.

2005 making of the first sculptures.

2006 and 2010 Artprice - Certificate of Excellence. Art Domain Gallery Leipzig.

2006 Participation in the Rock - Musical "Schattenblind" with the painting "transience." An art project to support AIDS aid Saar eV.

Since 2008 member of the Friedensatelier (Art for Peace Association e. V.)

2009 Inclusion in the lexicon of the fantastic artists and the international archives of fantastic artists / Vienna

2007 - 2012 stage design in the theatre Köpenick / Berlin.

Since 2013 Representation by the gallery Dikmayer / Berlin on national and international art fairs

Works by Torsten Gebhardt are in private collections in Germany and abroad

Torsten Gebhardt lives and works in Berlin.

The visual arts, such a creative potential from mind and soul, are, especially in these fast moving times, an enormously important medium that should rise above trends and commerce, because especially through the language of the image it is possible to enrich society in different ways. Arthur Miller, an american dramatist, expressed it more adequately than ever: "Art can't change people but it can exert pressure on them to look at life with different eyes, to recognize their own moral problems". I for one see my creative existence as a sort of creative journey on which you stop to experience wonderful things. And who knows where this journey will take me. Torsten Gebhardt